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Kid's Room

Kid's room provides children with various toys, as well as "comfort & safety".

Our kids' room provides safe service for your children. We have various toys for your child/children to play with. The kids' room is close to the small event hall.*Please read the rules in advance.
The kids' room is available to your children while you are enjoying a party or an event.

Open hour   9:00?21:00
Location       3rd Foor
Free for our guests

Childcare Service in the Room [Need Reservation]

We will send a babysitter to your room to take care of your child or children. We have a perfect babysitting system to professionally look after your child/children. 

Open hour 9:00~18:00
Location     Your Room
Target age  From 4 month to 12 years old 

9:00~20:00   5,000 yen / 2 hours (overtime 2,000yen / 1 hour) 
20:00~22:00 6,000 yen / 2 hours (overtime 2,000yen / 1 hour) 

[Price for Japanese holidays such as New Year's, Golden Week, and Obon] 
9:00~20:00   5,775 yen / 2 hours (overtime 2,625 yen / 1h) 
20:00~22:00 6,825 yen / 2 hours (no overtime) 

[b]Contact us[/b] +81 (98) 992-7500

*Please prepare food for your children 
*Depending on your child's or children's health, we may not be able to provide this service.