Poolside Restaurant "Southern Terrace"

Enjoy our excellent gourmet with relaxing resort atmosphere

The best recommendation of "Southern Terrace" is [Grill & Meat]. Premium ingredients such as aged (dry aging) beef and Okinawa's pride, Agu Pork, are seasoned simply so that you can enjoy the original taste of the ingredients. Pork ribs and rams are finished in distinctive tastes with our original recipes.


We provide you variety of fascinating menus such as the grill with carefully selected ingredients, tropically vivid and colorful dishes, and unique tastes that you can experience only in Okinawa.


 Japanese style breakfast
High-quality and elaborate Japanese style breakfast that abundantly incorporates with the ingredients of Okinawa.

American breakfast
Serving with high-quality ingredients, there are choices of your favorite eggs and meat dishes.


Restaurant Information

Open hour
Breakfast  6:30-10:00 (L.O.9:30)
Lunch  11:30-15:00(L.O.14:30)
Dinner      17:30-22:00 (L.O.21:30)

Capacity 60seats (non smoking) 

Location 1st Floor